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Posted in fun, www by Matei on 21 februarie 2010
I just had a librarian tell me that „wikipedia is like sex
When he expanded on the analogy it actually made sense.
„you’re going to do it either way, so I’m just going to tell you how to do it safely.”

Facand curat printre Bookmark-urile mai vechi, am gasit un articol despre ocuparea timpului liber, trend-ul UGC si importanta colaborarii pentru producerea unui continuat gratuit de calitate. Cel mai graitor exemplu este Wikipedia, cea mai wiki enciclopedie. Sau GoogleMaps,  unde fiecare poate contribui sau imbunatati. Din acelasi trend de public sharing si open collaboration si GoogleWave sau GoogleBuzz

Apropos de contribuit si beneficii 2.0, niste suedezi simpatici s-au gandit cum sa-i rasplateasca pe cei pe care ii apreciaza, printr-un sistem de donatii: Flatter (inca beta).

Doua exemple de efort colectiv in care oamenii contribuie cu situatii de umor mai mult sau mai putin involuntar, pe care le fac publice, spre deliciul celorlalti:

facebook updates si SMS-urile.

Un mic sampling:

„i went to go through my sent box of drunk texts from last night and they were all deleted… i’m going to assume drunk me made the executive decision that sober me would be better off not knowing what they said”

„At what number of girls whose last names are stored in your phone book as drinking establishments does it become excessive?”